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OAT culotte

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Some call it OAT, but for us it’s simply ‘the most comfy high-cut ever’. 

If you hate waistbands and are looking for something fashionable and, at the same time, comfortable, our OAT high-cut is going to be your new favorite panty. 

Made with soft, supple, almost buttery fabric, smoothly shaping your silhouette, OAT is stretchy but not tight and its high-waist is just right; providing full coverage but slightly cut high on the leg for a sexy twist.   

OAT is a 2.0 brief: cozy, but, no worries, you won’t look like your granny*!

*And still, she might like it too. 

OAT High-cut, from production to packaging is 100% made in Italy, between Biella, Bergamo and Milan. 

Please note that, as with all natural yarns, our bamboo yarn may present some imperfections, for example, small gray spots. However, we decided not to discard (and therefore waste) any inch of fabric, because we don’t think it’s a defect, but rather a distinctive trait, just like your favorite beauty mark. 

- 96% bamboo, 4% spandex 

- 100% Made in Italy 

- label printed on the fabric 

why bamboo?

For OAT culotte we have chosen a high-quality certified bamboo yarn, because:
- it is naturally antibacterial and anti-odour
- it is light and breathable, it provides long-lasting freshness
- it easily absorbs humidity, which evaporates 3 times more easily than cotton
- it prevents redness and irritation
- it is more resistant than cotton

How to take care of OAT

To minimize your environmental impact and to make your LATTE The Label lingerie live its well-deserved long-lasting and happy life:
- hand-wash, when possible
- use gentle and possibly natural/organic detergent, such as our SAPONE soap
- if you use the washing machine, use a delicate wash cycle and cold water settings
- dry it open air, avoid dryers
- do not bleach