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We've never been hotter!

Super-high-cut, RICE thong creates an ultra sexy look with a vintage touch, it sits at the right height to flatter all shapes, to make you feel incredibly confident.

RICE thong is made with our special, super soft, breathable bamboo fiber, which turns this thong into an unprecedented source of comfort that you won’t be able to do without. 

RICE thong production, from production to packaging is 100% made in Italy, between Biella, Bergamo and Milan.

Please note that, as with all natural yarns, our bamboo yarn may present some imperfections, for example, small gray spots. However, we decided not to discard (and therefore waste) any inch of fabric, because we don’t think it’s a defect, but rather a distinctive trait, just like your favorite beauty mark.

- 96% bamboo, 4% spandex

- 100% Made in Italy

- label printed on the fabric

Perché il bamboo?

Per RICE thong abbiamo scelto un pregiato filato di bamboo certificato, perché:

- è naturalmente antibatterico e anti-odore

- è leggero e traspirante, dona freschezza a lungo

- assorbe facilmente l’umidità, che evapora 3 volte più facilmente rispetto al cotone

- previene arrossamenti e irritazioni

- è più resistente del cotone

How to take care of RICE

To minimize your environmental impact and to make your LATTE The Label lingerie live its well-deserved long-lasting and happy life:
- hand-wash, when possible
- use gentle and possibly natural/organic detergent, such as our SAPONE soap
- if you use the washing machine, use a delicate wash cycle and cold water settings
- dry it open air, avoid dryers
- do not bleach