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DEEP SCOOP bodysuit

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DEEP SCOOP bodysuit is like a hug: it will wrap you very soft and gently. With its deep neckline, even on the back, it is the perfect base for creating your look: an essential piece of every wardrobe.

The leg fit is flat and without elastic, it sits high on the hips leaving them free and the thong cut makes it invisible under clothes.

Its adjustable straps allow you to choose the perfect fit; it also has 3 positions in the hook closure for a super comfortable fit.

No cups or underwires, it molds to the body almost imperceptibly. The bamboo fabric becomes like a second skin, it naturally follows your shapes, enhancing them.

The production of DEEP SCOOP bodysuit, from the creation of the fabric to its packaging, takes place entirely in Italy, between Biella and Carpi.

- 96% bamboo 4% spandex

- 100% Made in Italy

- adjustable straps to customize your fit

- without elastics

- adjustable closure with 3 positions

- golden accessories

- label printed on the fabric

Why bamboo?

For DEEP SCOOP bodysuit we chose a high-quality certified bamboo yarn, because:
- it is naturally antibacterial and anti-odour
- it is light and breathable, it provides long-lasting freshness
- it easily absorbs humidity, which evaporates 3 times more easily than cotton
- prevents redness and irritation
- it is more resistant than cotton

How to take care of LIKE BUTTER

To minimize your environmental impact and to make your LATTE The Label lingerie live its well-deserved long-lasting and happy life:
- hand-wash, when possible
- use gentle and possibly natural/organic detergent, such as our SAPONE soap
- if you use the washing machine, use a delicate wash cycle and cold water settings
- dry it open air, avoid dryers
- do not bleach
- let it air dry, always avoid using the dryer
- do not bleach